The Executive Options Aviation Division offers bespoke, professional services to Clients that address their specific needs relating to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and airport security equipment and services.


Executive Options plans and executes all services using Company personnel and equipment. All management practices and works processes followed comply fully with regulatory requirements and relevant best industry practices and guidelines.


All capabilities are offered as discreet or packaged services and are tailored to match Clients specific needs Services can be delivered independently from or integrated into a Clients organization.


Executive Options project teams and cyber-enabled field assets are linked to our international management & control centre from which all projects and operations are monitored and supported, and the link maintained with our project teams, the Client and all relevant Stakeholders.




Executive Options Aviation Division operates both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAV’s, and have a number of payload options for these aircraft. Depending on the specific project requirements, environmental and legislative restrictions, an aircraft type will be selected that has the flight endurance, performance capability and payload capacity to successfully perform the flight operations required.


Flight operations can be conducted over land and sea to perform the following functions:


• Localised surveillance and monitoring.

• Broad area surveillance and monitoring.

• Close-in inspection.

• Data acquisition to support survey, mapping and data analytics.


UAV flights can be used to support a range of operational activities, including but not limited to the following:


• Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

• Site security (infrastructure, fixed assets, plant and stockpiles).

• Safety (environmental monitoring).

• Land survey and mapping.

• Inspection and engineering support.


Executive Options can also provide complete, bespoke AUV packages to Clients, with such packages including complete UAV systems, payloads, flight and technical training, development of flight operations manuals and  procedures, maintenance procedures and similar. We are able to also provide experienced UAV operators and maintainers to capacitate Client UAV operations and act initially as trainers and then as mentors to Client staff.


All UAV operations are undertaken in accordance with both best industry practice and relevant local legislation. Operations also conform to established Executive Options UAV operational and safety management systems. Data derived from payload sensors is managed, processed and rendered following established data management processes and quality assurance and control practices.




Executive Options provides systems and services to detect and defeat Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (also known as Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems or Drones).


Our technologies include both hard and soft-kill systems and a careful analysis of the operating environment, environmental and safety restrictions will be performed before proposing and deploying a system.




Executive Options provides a range of aviation security services to support airside, landside and air cargo supply chain security operations, with specific services including:


• Planning, provision, installation and technical support of airport security equipment (surveillance systems; cargo, passenger, aircrew, ground and retail

   staff screening equipment).

• Planning, provision, installation and maintenance of perimeter control and screening barriers.

• K9 security teams for deterrence, drug, illicit goods and explosives detection.

• Air cargo security (screening and tracking from point of introduction to point of release from the air cargo supply chain).

• Security screening and background checks of airside and landside staff (aircrew, technical staff, student pilots, baggage and cargo handlers, drivers, retail

   and facility maintenance personnel, and contractors).


All security systems, processes and operations conform to relevant aviation security standards and best industry practices (such as the EU AVSEC and TSA Rules and Regulations, and IATA standards.




Executive Options provides training relating to all processes and products delivered to or commissioned for the Client.


Such training includes the operation and maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems, as well as all airport and cargo security equipment and software supplied.

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