Executive Options provide general purpose, narcotics and explosive dog/handler teams to meet the clients’ requirements, whether this is protecting a handler from intruders, guarding premises, searching persons entering any facility or site, or examining high-risk areas for hidden explosives. We have extensive experience in in operating in Ports (Air, Land and Sea) as well as well as high risk, conflict and post-conflict areas.


In appointing Executive Options as your K9 Service Provider, a transparent and beneficial process will be initiated allowing a relationship to form that will complement existing security strategies, with Executive Options focusing on all aspects of Canine Service provision.




As a K9 Service Provider, Executive Options prepares a documenting a K9 Deployment Strategy as follows:


• Facility assessment and security risk and gap analysis (related to K9 Services).

• Assignment of threat ratings to areas within the facility.

• Development of a definitive Strategy with supporting Objectives, Action Plans and Policies.

• Establishing a 24-hour K9/Handler schedule and events log.


In the case of Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) services being utilized, the strategy will include:


• 24-hour Canine Explosive Detection Schedule.

• Confirming EDD ‘positive findings’ using a second EDD and hand-held Explosive Trace Detection (ETD).

• Immediate Action Drills.

• Defining Command Structure and co-operation with other Security Elements.

• Refresher Training (International).

• Independent Moderator.




All Dogs are thoroughly tested to ensure they are highly motivated to work and provide accurate results, while handlers are competent security personnel and professionally licensed.


All dogs are trained, registered, managed, cared for and used in accordance to best industry practices and ethical standards.


Detection and patrol teams participate in ongoing weekly training to ensure they are always at their best.


Executive Options Dogs have specially been trained to detect airborne explosive odors on a moving suspect in a crowded environment. They are socialized from a young age and work calmly and efficiently in airports, stadiums and other areas that experience heavy volumes of foot traffic.

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