Executive Options Corporate Security pro-actively identifies, effectively mitigates and manages any threats to the resilience and continued survival of a Corporation, ensuring security synergy and coordination of all security, continuity and safety functions within the Clients Corporation.


Security risks have become more complex and many of the threats, such as terrorism, organized crime and information security and risk mitigation solutions are asymmetric and networked, making it that much more difficult to manage and run.


There is also greater interdependency between a Corporations risk portfolio and the way it does business. Certain types of behavior can enhance or undermine an Organization’s “license to operate”, and in some cases, can generate risks that would not otherwise exist. As a result, security has a significantly higher profile in the corporate world today than it did in previous years.


Corporations are looking for new ways to pre-empt and manage such risks and the portfolio of the security department has widened to include shared responsibility for things such as reputation, corporate governance and regulation, corporate social responsibility and information assurance.


Executive Options indeed can assist you in meeting any and all of your Corporate Security needs, with services including:


• Security Threat and Risk Assessment.

• Asset Location.

• Due Diligence.

• Electronic Security Technical Security Counter-Measures (TSCM).

• Investigations.

• Missing persons.

• Crisis Management.

• Security Clearances.

• Surveillance.

• VIP Protection.




Effective security starts with a clear understanding of the organization, the relevant threats it faces and the level of risk associated with each risk. Since all organisations face some form of security risk, failure to recognise and manage these risks could seriously jeopardise even the most successful business, leaving them open to attack that could possibly result in a costly interruption to normal operations, amongst other ill-effects.


Executive Options will carry out a Risk Assessment on any aspect of your business, be it a ‘greenfield’ site you want to develop for new warehousing or administration, or an area of your business you may be concerned about. The solutions proposed will be appropriate to the level of exposure.




In terms of Asset Location, Executive Options locates liquid assets worldwide for top law firms, as well as public and private organizations.  The location of hidden assets is a major issue in litigation, such as: divorce, personal injury, fraud, uncollected judgements and many other, often complex, financial cases.


Corporate information, ownership data, transfer and sale trails, material assets, historical data and many other details of significance about a subject/case are provided in a discreet manner.


Depending on your needs, we will assess how far we need to research to locate assets. We have access to several modern up-to-date databases unlike those available to the general public.




Due Diligence: When it comes to screening of individuals, we operate under the precept that unfair discrimination may cause unnecessary harm/damage, but that indeed you too do have the right to verify information pertaining to individuals in order to protect yourself, your reputation, your company's reputation, your employees, clients, property and products.


The information we access is more current and sorted than that available to the general public. Integrity Investigations can offer valuable insight for if you are considering undertaking a business deal, becoming a partner, or helping financially. You may want to verify the agent(s) and the company's information first.


Our screening services include:


• Employment screening.

• Employment history.

• Education verification.

• Civil history.

• Criminal background checks (direct access to the courts).

• Associate history.




Also called 'debugging' or 'sweeps', Electronic Security Technical Security Counter-Measures (TSCM) refers to the procedure for locating covert surveillance devices in your office, home, on phone lines, etc. Executive Options is an industry leader in electronic counter surveillance. Following an electronic sweep, Executive Options will provide a detailed report outlining the specific technical measures used during the sweep, along with the specific findings of the investigators. And with the results of each search, we also provide recommendations for follow-up or corrective action to be taken by the client to secure its facility against further or other electronic intrusion. If the sweep indicates an electronic penetration, we can conduct investigates to determine the source of the monitoring, and to preserve and present evidence for criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation against those responsible.




In the work place, corporate managers and employees often abuse their privileges within the company for personal gain. Internal theft (hard and soft) has become an epidemic in today's corporate environment.


Unnoticed, these activities can threaten profits and lead to civil and criminal liability. Confidential Investigative Services skilled team of investigators is equipped to identify these ethical breaches and prevent further damage. Whether you need to investigate possible internal theft, embezzlement of property, employee infringement of copyrights, drug use in the workplace, or collusion between vendors and marketing personnel, Executive Options is there to assist.  These situations require effective, credible, and confidential internal investigations which Executive Options can provide.




Executive Options highly trained investigators, many of whom are former members of the Intelligence Services and other government agencies, possess experience in locating missing persons of all types. We utilize a variety of methods, including advanced internet searches of specialized databases, time-proven professional investigative techniques and the resources and relationships we have developed through the years. This enables us to succeed where others most often have failed.




Executive Options helps companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk, prevent chaos in a crisis and capitalize on business opportunities, through the following Risk Mitigation and Crisis Management Consulting Services:


• Risk Assessment Services.

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

• Physical Security and Hazard Vulnerability Assessments.




Certain employees in the private sector are required to have security clearances because their positions they are appointed to or the specific work they are involved with requires them to have access to classified documents or otherwise restricted or sensitive space. The occupant of any such post is said to hold a sensitive position, defined as any position, by virtue of its nature, could bring about a material adverse effect on national security".  The scope of investigative work needed to grant a security clearance depends on the level of clearance being requested. There are three basic levels of security classification:




This refers to material, which, if improperly disclosed, could be reasonably expected to cause some measurable damage to the strategic security. The vast majority of personnel are given this very basic level of clearance. This level needs to be re-investigated every fifteen years.




The unauthorized disclosure of secret information could be expected to cause serious damage to strategic security. This level is re-investigated every ten years.




Individuals with this clearance have access to information or material that could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if it was released without authorization. This level needs to be re-investigated every five years.




Executive Options has extensive experience and successful track record in surveillance undertakings, hence does offer professional, confidential and competitively priced surveillance services to law firms insurance companies, business and private individuals.


We utilize state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and provide tangible proof which can be used in court. We also provide surveillance for law firms in the area of insurance defense related to workers compensation claims, personal injury and insurance fraud.




Executive Options provides comprehensive professional Executive Protection for multinational corporations and VIP clients throughout the world. We provide a hassle-free, safe environment for customers that need to focus on their business or leisure objectives.  Our activities use the company's proven methodology and principles that ensure precision to the highest standards demanded in executive protection and travel security.

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