Executive Options is dedicated to offering comprehensive full-service life maintenance and technical support for all systems and products supplied. Using our specialist team of service engineers and specialists, we provide an international support service tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Client and the systems and products suppled.




The level of support provided will depend on the service level you select. We have developed three different standards of support plans.




     Provides routine maintenance, technical support and access to our call-out services, 24-hours a day. A call-out charge will apply.


     Standard Plus:


     Provides the benefits of Standard but also covers call-out charges.




     Provides full servicing and technical support, including call out charges, free fitting of replacement parts for normal wear and tear on almost every system or

     product supplied.


Specific terms and conditions of each support contract provided will depend on the system and/or product supplied, and will be documented within the support contract agreed between Executive Options and the Client.

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