Executive Options provides comprehensive assistance and support to Clients procuring specialist material and equipment. Such Clients can be private companies, NGO’s, governments, state institutions or organizations.




Materials and equipment that can be procured and supported includes, but is not limited to, the following:


• Vehicles (light vehicles, off-road vehicles, armored vehicles).

• Small craft (inflatable, RHIB, aluminum and GRP).

• Personal tactical wear (tactical clothing and uniforms, boots, belts, caps and hats, jackets, jump and flight suits, parachute clothing, backpacks, pouches,


• Personal Tactical Protective Equipment (body armor, helmets, eye protection, hearing protection, demining, search and bomb suits).

• EOD equipment (demining, EOD and IED tools and sensors).

• Parachute equipment (personnel and  cargo).

• Emergency medical equipment and supplies.

• Communications equipment.

• Surveillance equipment (above and below water).

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

• Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (Remote and Autonomous systems).

• Sensors and Tooling for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Underwater Systems, surface vessels and small craft.

• Security Installations.

• Marine Equipment for use on installations and vessels.


All materials and equipment is supplied with relevant warranties, either Original Equipment Manufacturers or Executive Options technical manuals and training packages.




In addition to the above, Executive Options also offers chandler services and can supply a wide range of services, stores and consumables, systems and fittings that are required by ship owners, operators and crew. Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:


• Local purchase and supply of miscellaneous items (stationary, computer and peripheral equipment, materials, hand tools etcetera).

• Medical equipment and supplies.

• Bottled gas, oil and lubricants.

• Spares logistics.

• PPE (coveralls, safety shoes/boots, eye and ear protection, hardhat, gloves).

• Rigging and lifting tackle.

• Liferaft, pyrotechnics and other SOLAS-items (servicing or replacement).

• Firefighting equipment supply and servicing.

• Identification and management of of technical support and contractors to attend a vessel.

• Vessel hardening for high-risk area transits.

• Quayside and shipboard security services (entry control, stowaway security and provision of passage/transit security teams).

• Ships husbandry services (fabrication, repairs, cleaning, in-water inspection).

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