Executive Options is able to assist Clients in meeting their various obligations and commitments to the effective management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.




Executive Options has a team of Health and Safety Professionals who are available to be deployed internationally to support Client projects. All are:


• Experienced, internationally-qualified and professionally registered with the International Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) organization and

   participate in Continued Professional Development training.

• Capable of actively supporting a Clients Health and Safety Management System.

• Graded according to their level of experience and qualifications.


We offer three Tiers of Health and Safety Professional, being:




Our Health and Safety Technicians are suitably-qualified, demonstrably competent and experienced in offering health and safety advice, performing work site safety inspections, assisting in the performance of work procedure risk assessments, reviewing and updating Construction Safety Files, health and safety reporting and record keeping and initial response to worksite accidents to support subsequent accident investigations.




Our Health and Safety Supervisors are experienced Health and Safety Technicians and have the experience and administrative skills to supervise and mentor a team of Health and Safety Technicians on a large work site. Such a member would also offer health and safety advice to the Project Management Team and maintain all site health and safety documentation and records.




Our Health and Safety Managers are experienced Health and Safety Supervisors who are capable of performing the role of Project Safety Manager and to manage large numbers of Health and Safety Supervisors and Technicians on-site or across multiple sites.




Many of our Health and Safety professionals also hold formal qualifications in Environmental and Quality Management.


Such qualifications include internationally-recognised certificate, diploma or degree courses in environmental management, and short courses in auditing and implementation of quality, environmental and heath & safety management systems.


When such additional specialization is required, we will ensure the Health and Safety Professional holds the necessary qualifications in environmental or quality management, or provide a specialist in both or either of these disciplines.

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